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It is said that trekking in India originated in Darjeeling as far back as eighty years ago. Trekking means foot travel on mountain trails. It is an experience that can never be paralleled. Darjeeling has perhaps one of the most spectacular treks to offer along the beauty of its magnificent hills. The charms of the Hamalaya along with its mysteries gradually unfold as trekkers traverse through the dense forests and verdant landscape, through miles of green carpeted meadows and sleepy halmets lost to times. The Singalila trek as it is popularly called will enable you to discover the sublime Hamalayan interiors unmarred by mankind.
The trekking season in Darjeeling generally begins at the end of March and closes around the middle of June. During April, May or June one should be prepared for an occasional shower which can be most refreshing. The summer haze is adequately compensated by the flowers in full bloom. The second season begins around the last  week …