Place of Interest

Situated at an altitude of 2590m and 13km from the town, this spot is famed as it offer magnificent view of the sunrise over Kanchenjunga and the great Himalayan Mountains like Kabru (7338m) Jannu (7710m) and Pandim (6692m) Beyound Kanchenjunga towards east, one can see the 3 sisters Narsing, Dongkya and Chola of the Tibetan frontiers with Vhumalhari lifting up shortened and does not present the same graceful outline above the spectacle with its lofty peak standing up like a great icy horn. Even Mount everest (8848m) and its group peak like Lhotse (8501m) and Makalu (8475m) in the far west behind the crest of Mt. Makalu are visible from Tiger Hill on a clear day over 250 km stretch of Himalayan horizon. Further to the west towards Nepal, Chamlang (7317m), a square mass of mountain looks like a wall of snow.
The peak Kanchenjunga turns pink when the first ray of the sunfalls over it, then gradually the orange hye sets in and once the sun is fully up, it looks resplendent in golden. To experience the entire spectacle is one of those rare moments of sheer bliss Khangchendzonga ( great five peaked snow fortress) or Kanchenjunga world's third- highest peak is guardian deity of the Sikkim's and thus sacred; and those who scale it as a mark of respect stop of the actual summit. Kanchenjunga is remarkable for its imposing bulk and massive proportions while the summit of Everest is more graceful and majestic.


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