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Image result for images of jeleple pass gangtok            Image result for images of jeleple pass gangtok

Jelep la is a high altitude mountain pass at 13,999 ft linking Lhasa (part of Tibet) to India. it nestles between India and Tibet in the eastern part of the sikim in India . The word JELEP LA is a of Tibetan origin and it means"the lovely level pass". it is truly the most level among all the passes between sikkim and Tibet .
The beautiful Menmencho Lake flows below the Jelep La  pass. one can savor the awesome sight of the pass, while coming from New baba mandir to Kupup Lake, just after crossing the Menmecho lake on the G N road. There are some small military settlements at the Jelep la pass. The complete trail from jelep la pass to the kupup lake is visible.


                                                 MENMECHO LAKE

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Menmecho lake is one of the most beautiful lakes of sikkim at an altitude of 12,500 ft. Surrounded by untouched pine forests and deep slopes, Menmecho lake is said to change colours every minute. The lake is fed by the waters of the surrounding mountains of jelep la pass and strays frozen from January to august . A narrow 4 kilometres winding road beside Baba mandir would take you to menmecho lake


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