It is sheer magic the sparkle of snow, awesome gorges, spine chilling trauks, the lure of mountains and the quaint lifestyle of semi-nomadic yak herders and rare tribal societies.

KABI LUCGCHOK: 7 Km away from Gangtok on the North Sikkim highway the historical site marks the treaty of blood brotherhood between the Lepcha chief Te-Kung-Tek and the Bhutia chief Khey-Bum-Sa. A memorial stone pillar still marks the event 

PHENSANG MONASTERY: Belonging to the Nyingmapa Buddhist order it was built in 1721 during the time of Jigmee Pawo. Gutted by fire in 1947 it was later rebuild in 1948.

PHODONG MONASTERY: About 38 Km. from Gangtok it is one of the six major monasteries in Sikkim. Belonging to the Kagyud order it was build by Chogyal Gyurmed Namgyal in the 18th century and is famed for the murals adorning its walls.

LABRANG MONASTERY: Lying futher 2 Km uphill from Phodong Monastery it belongs to the Nyingmapa sect. The Gonpa still retains its old structure and ancient mural painting and frescoes. 

SINGHIK: Yet another fascinating point to view the snowy Mt. Khangchendzonga range. Also offers enough opportunity for short mature trails. A tourist lodge offers visitors a reason to stay back and relish the sylvan mountainside.

CHUNGTHANG: Sprawled beside the confluence of the Lachung Chu and the Lachen Chu that become the start-point of the Teesta River it is a major settlement of North Sikkim. Amazingly, Paddy thrives at exactly this point and nowhere else in the region as it is believed to have been blessed by Guru Rinpoche. A large rock upon which is imprinted the footprint of the Guru and the pool of water on a crevice on the rock is considered holy.

LACHUNG: A village at 8600ft where a tribal self government, the Dzumsa still rule the tribe with its ancient tradition. One can spend a night here and acquaint the unique ways of the village and also visit the fascinating Yumthang Valley.

YUMTHANG: At 11,800 ft. the valley is simply mind-blowing. Surrounded by an alpine forest of silver fir and high snow capped peak. its charms get even more irresistible in spring when primulas carpet the valley floor along with the outburst of rhododendrons, primroses and other wild blossoms. It is also famous for its hot springs.

LACHEN: Another tribal village at 9600 ft it is also ruled by the Dzumsa. The focal point of all village activity is the Lachen Monastery located in the upper section of the village. a good number of the villagers are still yak herders and keep migrating with their herd. 

THANGU: At 13000 ft it lies 30 Km away from Lachen. This valley is completely carpeted with alpine flowers in spring and gets snow covered from October onwards.

CHOPTA VALLEY: At 13,200 ft it lies a mere 20 minutes drive away from Thangu. A breathtaking valley one can walk over frozen rivers in the winter.

GURUDONGMAR LAKE: A holy tarn at 17,200 ft it is believed to possess a miraculous power of making childless couples conceive. The lake freezes during the winter except a spot which the devotees believe is blessed.


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