The original hill station of India even today lives up to its will earned sobriquet of the hills. Visitors can savours cups of the worlds most famous beverage as they feast their eyes on the verdant green slopes where the famous tea is grown. The bazaars bustle with people and produce and the gorgeously magnificent Khangchendzonga has you under is gaze everywhere you go.

THE TOY TRAIN: The steam engine that snakes its way up the bends and loops is a remarkable feat of engineering. Visitors can enjoy a short ride from Darjeeling to Ghoom or a longer oe which connects Darjeeling to New Jalpaiguri. Much has been written about this magical journey in the mist. But actually experiencing the thrill of this ride drives home the point even more emphatically.

TEA GARDEN: There are about 78 tea estates in the hills. Some tea garden provide visitors with the opportunity to state in tea garden bungalows in which the can savour a living that is redolent of the Raj era. Tourist can also visit the factories to see how their favourite beverage is prepared in the orthodox style.

TEESTA RANGIT VIEW POINT: Travellers having to adjust their eardrums to the sudden drop in air pressure as their vehicles make that steep descent to Teesta can take a break here amidst teak forests and tea bushes. The vantage offers a magnificent view of the Teesta and the Rangeet as the flow in each other at the bend of a steep wooded hill. Lucky ones can also catch a glimpse of peacockes and other animals as the savour cups of locally hand brewed Darjeeling teas.

HIMA FALLS: Situated 13km from Darjeeling town this scenic place is popular with the domestic tourists who come there families for picnics.

CHOWRASTA: This wide open asphalted area located at the higher end of the towm is the heart of Darjeeling. One can sit on the benches chatting with friends soaking up the mellow sun or take a stroll around the Mall road that offer spectacular view of the mountains and the fabled tea gardens of Darjeeling. There are many good restaurants, curio shops, cafeterias and bookshops. Pony rides too are quite popular with adults and kids alike. Of course it goes without saying that the most attractive feature of this place is the cosmopolitan gathering of people - ruddy cheeked local children, fashionable youngster, foreigners, eager bunches indigenous tourists from all over the country and so on.  

SENCHAL LAKE: Located at an altitude of 8515 feet, 11km from Darjeeling towm proper Senchal Lake fed by pristine mountain springs serves as the water reservoir for the town.

TIGER HILL: Tiger Hill is famous vantage point which presents a wonderful panorama of the mountain ranges and a spectacular sight of the sunrise, unrivalled anywhere in the world. There are scenic picnic spots and a nine hole golf course with a clubhouse. Golfing amidst such green surroundings with the majestic mountains looking down upon the golfers is a one of a kind experience.

THE BENGAL NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM: Located near Chowrasta this museum houses about 4300 specimens of Himalayan funa-birds, reptiles and other animal species - displayed in a manner that mimics their altitudes specific habitats. of special significance is the comprehensive and representative collection of betties and butterflies of the region.

LLOYD BOTANICAL GARDEN: Named after William Lloyd who donated the site is 1878 and situated just below Darjeeling town, the garden features an impressive collection of alpine flora that includes rare and exotic orchids and many endangered vernacular species.

TENZING/GOMBU ROCK: These are interesting rock formations located about a couple of kilometers from Darjeeling town on the way to Lebong. The HMI conducts some preliminary climbing courses on these outcrops. A rope dangled from the easier faces of the rocks by intrepid locals provide tourists from the plains with a climbing as well as photo opportunity for a small fee.

PADMAJA NAIDU HIMALAYAN ZOOLOGICAL PARK: One of the best of its kind in the zoo which is situated about 3 kilometres away from main town. you will come to see variety of endangered species such as the Red Panda, Tibetan Wolf, Siberian Tiger and Snow Leopard. The Snow Leopard Breeding Center which forms a part of the zpp complex boasts of highly successful breeding program for these beautiful and exotic animals.

ROCK GARDEN: Landscaped garden and picnic spots located about 10km from Darjeeling town. It features waterfalls, terraced garden, sitting spaces and other tourism amenities.

GANGA MAYA PARK: Locted 2km from Rock Garden this picnic place also provides boating opportunities amidst serene and calm surrounding.

LOVER'S ROAD: This foot path is Darjeeling's best kept romantic secret. As the name implies, it presents a lonely stretch of hilly trail along which couples and single walkers alike can trek undisturbed through will wooded areas and grassy bank swaying with wild flowers - while all along, the majestic mountains follow them providing a breathtaking backdrop to their escapades. To get to the road, just take a downwards detour from Mall road.

SHRUBBERY PARK: This park located just behind Raj Bhawan on the way to Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park, provides a wonderful panorama of the majestic Mount Kanchendzonga. Cultural programs are organised here during the tourist seasons. The park provides ample grassy places for early risers which gather to stroll, jog or just sit and meditate.

BATASIA LOOP: Perhaps the most popular and abiding image of Darjeeling is that of its fabled toy train making a 360 degree turn here against the magnificent backdrop of the Kanchendzonga. Batasia has war memorial commemorating the memories of soldiers fallen in war and a small market dealing in various locally made items that can be picked up as souvenirs. Guides also offer views of the mountain peaks through fairly powerful telescopes. this visual tour is accompanied by a frenetic recitation of the names of the various peaks.

THE HIMALAYAN MOUNTAINEERING INSTITUED: Set up after the first successful ascent of Mount Everest by local hero Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary, HMI located 2km from Darjeeling Town and just next to the Padmaja Naidu Zoological Park, is the oldest mountaineering institute in the country. The institute conducts various mountaineering courses every years. Many legendary mountaineers such as Everesters Nwang Gombu and Lhatoo Dorjee Sherpa have been associated with this institute. HMI also houses a two storied museum where artefacts associated with many Everest and other mountaineering expeditions are kept on display, along with three dimensional models of the entire Himalayan Ranges. 

DARJEELING RANJEET VALLEY PASSENGER ROPEWAY: This is 3km cable car ride, provide visitors a unique opportunity to sample the beauty of the tea gardens against the stunning back drop of the Himalayas.

JORPOKHRI: 16KM from Darjeeling, Jorpokhri or twin-lake in Nepal, is considered to be the nature habitat of the highly endangered Himalayan Salamander. Besides savouring the breathtaking views of the Himalayan range and Darjeeling town, one could also sneak a quick visit to Pashupatinagar 

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