Local Cuisine you can except in the Homestay of Darjeeling & sikkim

The people of these places are mostly rice carters and the daily meal of common people household consists of rice,dal and curry (from self grown organic vegetables ) and mashed pickle (achar).compared to the Indian diets these meal are normally less spicy with emphasis on vegetable/meats soups. one can experience the variety of cuisine while in these places.

 Image result for images of cuisine of homestay

Image result for images of cuisine of homestayImage result for images of cuisine of homestay

varieties of bread: 1. phapar ko roti 2. sael roti 3. khapsey 4. zeero 5.makai ko roti 6. kodo ko                                           roti
varieties of soups:1. sishnu ko soup ( scientific name:urtica dioica) knettel soup 2. gundruk ko                                            soup ( fermented soup ) 3. kinema ko soup (soup of fermented soya bean )                                        5. churpi ko - jhool ( cootage cheese)
varieties of curry :1. Rayo ko saag / duko ko saag. 2. simrio 3. taba (bamboo shoots ) 4. ningro (fern                                head )
varieties of pickle: 1. Gorkhey achar ( tomato, onion, and chilli) 2. bamboo shoots 3. thotney ko                                         achar 4. chimphing ko achar 5.Bee ko achar 6. varieties of pickle mashed


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