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Day1: Drive to Bulbule from Kathmandu. (Camp at Bulbule) A very nice small village along the Marsyangdi River. With the nice sweet corn and potato farming land which makes the its beauty much more interesting.  The villagers they are very welcome to the entire tourist. The tradition the culture the language which is totally different from the all other customs, the people from this aria are Gurung people and they served the local food and drinks to the tourist on order. Bulbule elevation 800m.
Day 2: With the lovely morning trek begins towards to the villages Torangche Nadi Lampato and Bahundara.  Bahundara is the place where again you see the all Chettri and Baun cast here they are the main Hindu people that’s the region they have named a place Baundara. Lovely place with nice hotels around on the top of the hill. This place is also nice to spend a night for the slower group but there is no camping ground. After lunch trek continues for another 2/3 hours walk towards the camp Ghermu small camping site surrounding by hotels and farming land. About 70/80 houses in Ghermu village and all Gurung cast lives in this village. Other site of the village there is another village called Syange village and above the village there is lovely Syange waterfalls you can enjoy, it’s about 7/8 hours walk from Bulbule to Ghermucamp today, height at Ghermu1200m

Day 3: it is a little bit a hard day but the view which you get on the way that will not make you feel that you are doing any hard work because the beauty of the valley is so nice with the Chyamche water fall and just next to that you can see the wild honey bees nest hanging on the high cave. Chyamche is small village with the full of teahouse and hotels. Nice place for lunch breakfast. Height of Chyamche is 1365m and Chyamche also a option to spend a night for the slow group. After lunch continue walk along the Marsyangdi River. After lunch it is always a hard to walk or climb which happens here. Because there is a 150m uphill comes after lunch, and again straight and gradual and again you face the small challenge about 300m climb and after that you will be in Manang district. The view you see after all your hard work is so fantastic. As you inter the Manang district the first view you see is view of tall village on the valley, between two valleys. Elevation 1700miles camp at tall. Total walking 7/8 hours.

Day 4: Easy morning with gradual walking path begins from the small village called Dharapani. Nice view along the same river Marsyandi with its lovely river band and lovely tree lines beside the river. Crossing a some small village on the way you get the place call Dharapani. . Dharapani also very nice place to spend a night for slow walker. Elevation of Dharapani 2365m, after having some lunch continue walk towards the placed called Timang 2615m, this is about 250m climbing from Dharapani to Timang village and again it is gradual walk towards Thanchok. Here you can have a tea break for short. And another 40/50 m walks from here to Koto camp. Koto is small village with few shop and hotel around camp at Koto. Elevation 2620m about 8/9 hours walk.

 Day 5: Here morning begins with the sound of horse’s bell. It is the junction between Manang village and Narphoo village. On the left is Nar and Phoo trek. An on the right continues to Manang.  Beautiful view of pine tree forest along the river
It is easy walking day today. Very few places climb but easy. Several time crossing river through the suspension bridge you will be in place call Dharmasala which is the camp site .about 6hour walk today. Elevation 3210m.

Day 6:  Lovely morning with the songbird because this camp is just in the middle of the forest no hotel no shop. Just the sound of river and the sound of bird. After having breakfast trek begins towards the village is called Meta. Which is about two hours walk from Dharmasala but to get there small challenge comes to front of all, a steep climb about 260m but as you climb up and up you get the view of Annapurna at the background. And after you’re all big effort when you get to the top at the Meta village then all your tiredness will be despair because of Annapurna and Pisang Mountain View and the view of the meta village.3560m
Meta village. As you start walking from Meta after your long breath taking trek leads you towards Phoo village. Easy gradual trail from here. After 100m walking you will see the place called Mahendra Pool where they have a big Buddhist monastery out there which is newly build. And that is the same valley to go to Nar village. But we continue our trek towards the Phoo. After few minute walking when your get the small hill you will get the magnificent view of Himlung and Sorebung mountain range and Khampas settlement aria called Jhunum Kharka elevation 3640m from here we continue towards the other Khampa settlement Chyakhu. Elevation 3735m, and from here our camp site Kyang is just 2hour away. Easy walk (gradual walk.).Another Khampa settlement elevation 3840m about 7hours walks today. From Dharmasala to Kyang.

Day 7: After spending a night at 3840m our trek continue along the Phoo River towards the Phoo village. Lovely Mountain View almost desert aria with the dip valley where you see lots of blue sheeps Easy day today about 4hours walk. Very different rock formation along the trek. Khampas who lives in this aria they have a huge number of sheeps and it is so nice to see when they all are grassing .after all this enjoyment you inter the Phoo village elevation of 4000m Phoo is a village of about 40 houses .local people here is very friendly and welcome. Village itself it’ so beauty on the curve of the Himlung’ Ratnachuli’ Gejug’ Bhirkuti’ Pokar’ Charebun, these places are Heavenly. This is the last camp of first part of Nar

Day 8: It is a long dissent today. After breakfast with the lovely view of all mountain range you walk towards “Kyang Chyakhu’ Jhunam Kharka. And continue down to Mahendra pool. Some group dose camp at Jhunam Kharka also but when there is water available. Mahendra pool has just a one big monastery which is recently build. And one tea house. With few rooms. Elevation at Mahendra pool 3480m about 8 hours walking today from Phoo to Mahendra pool. 

Day 9: Early morning begins with the pray in Sakkey monastery. After breakfast trek begins towards the Nar village. Which is different part of the valley but the main challenge is there. About 550m up hill will be looking forward to see everybody sweating. But as always you never fell tiered because of the all the Mountain View. As you climb up you will started to enjoy the view of Kang guru’ Pissang’ Himlung etc. when you finished all uphill from the top you see the meta village also and when you see the Kang guru peak is looks like a hat of meta village. Before you enter the Nar village there is a huge Chorten or Mani wall which welcomes you in Nar village.
Nar village has about 80 houses and three different monasteries but all from the same sect Ningmapa sect. Beauty of Nar village is decorated with it’s farming land. 
Where they grow barley and potato. Most of the women’s are busy to make a local carpet which they call (Radi).
It’s about 4hours walk from Mahendra pool to Nar village. Elevation 4160m this is one of the best places to have a rest day or day ninth here in Nar with the view of Khang guru peak and Pissang peak in front of your tent.
.Local people here they are calling lamas and the interesting thing is they speak very different language which is mixed from Sherpa Gurung and Tamang. And there is no other religion accepts Buddhist. 

Day 10: Rest for the day at Nar village.

Day 11: From here trek continues to Khangla Phedi (base camp of Khangla pass) about 3 and half hours walk from Nar to Phedi. Very easy gradual walk’ with the beauty of surrounding mountain range, just 430m climb till Khangla base. 4500m from here Khangla pass can be seen. Khangla pass is open from July to October. Picture bellow Khangla pass.

Day 12: Today is the day where everybody has to put their big effort from early morning. We start our trek from camp at 4.30 or 5am .because of the high altitude everyone will be slow, Khangla pass is about 5300m and the high camp is 4500m, and about 800mi climb till to the pass. Which doesn’t take more then 5 hour to get there with slow walk .after the pass it is again another 4hour destination down to the Ngawal village? Elevation 3200m it’s about 9hour walking today camp at Nagwal.  

Day 13: Very easy day with fantastic view of Annapurna ,2,3,4, Ganga Purna Himal , Tichuli, Cullu Hima, and Khagsar Khangri and other mountain range. It’s just 3hour walk today from Ngawal to Manang. Camp or tea house at Manang. Elevation 3600m
At Manang there is also a plenty of walking aria if group wants to spend another day at Manang. There is nice hiking towards the Milaraspa’s meditation cave. And another walking aria is above the Gangapurna Lake which is also beautiful. Manang is a big aria of about 120house and lot’s of hotel and tea house. After Manang about 30min. further there is another small village same as a Nar and Phoo village which is called Tanki Manang where you can participate farming with the local people when you spend one extra day here.

Day 14: Gradual uphill begins from as we start walking towards our next destination Yak Kharka. This is the day from where you can see peak 29. And Manasolu as you go higher and higher.  Peak 29(Dakura) and Manasulu with the Pissang Peak on picture.
Enjoying with the all this Mountain View and land escape you enter in your destination yak Kahrka. Elevation 4000m. Where they have about 10 tea houses. But for the camping group it’s nice to go little bit further about 15mi walking placed is called upper yak kharka.4050m very nice camp site and quite place.
And just a one single tea house is there. About 4 hour walk today from Manang to upper yak Kharka. (Koche)
 Day 15:  Rest for the day at yak Kharka. (Koche)

Day 16: From here most of the tourist go to Thorong Phedi, but if the group is well acclimatize then they can make high camp of Thorong pass. Which is about one hour far from Thorong Phedi? (Phedi means base.). It is also a easy day but because of the altitude walking progress will be slow and that’s the way to get your destination on high altitude aria.
 (Go slowly rich safely)

Day 17: It is very short day today, about 4hour walk which will not so hard. Total climb for the day is 750m but very gradually. Along the walking you see the golden eagle and blue sheep.
And the interesting thing is at that elevation also they have tea house. And hotel’s on the way where you can enjoy hot cup of tea or we say help local people by baying something.
After 3hour walking you get in thorongphedi.4500m and from here it is small challenge because it is 300m steep climb to get through high camp where you get hot lunch from your kitchen team. Elevation 4835m

Day 18:  We start again early morning around 5or 5.30am.early breakfast and probably pack lunch. It’s another long day. From high camp to Thorongla takes about 3/4hour and another 4/5hour down to Muktinath.
As u walk towards to Thorongla the view of background mountain, MANASULU, PEAK29, CULLU WEST, AND  ANNAPURNA, look’s so beautiful and you just wish to stay there for longer and longer. It is totally haven in earth,
About 635m to climb from the high camp to through pass. Elevation 5420m
 This is the moment you feel so proud of yourself when you get on the pass. With the full of prayer flag around and the other site of pass the view of Dhaulagiri and Putali Himal looks out standing, spectacular, gorgeous ,
after enjoying all this views it time to keep your leg stronger as much you can because it’s a long dissent about 1710m but the good thing is there is also a tea house other side of the pass on the bottom where you can have a cup of hot tea and continue your walk down to muktinath, elevation 3710m Muktinath is a one of the big Hindus religious centred where they have big temple of Muktinath, means god of the relief from suffering. And the other interesting thing to see is there is a fire in the water where you can see burning fire in water. 
It is always easy to take a taxi from Muktinath to Jumsum for the
Client and let the horses to take kitchen and other tent down to Jumsum. Elevation 2940m
This is your end place of your trek where you celebrate your last night party with your kitchen crew and other staff.

Day 19: Fly to Pokhara with early morning flight and fly to Kathmandu from Pokhara.


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