20 minutes walk form Darjeeling Town you will come to see
a historical place know as BARDAWAN PLACE
On Darjeeling being opened up by the East India Company
in mid 1800s Maharaja  Mahtab Chand of Burdawn
 purchased a property known as Rose Bank in 1860 and 
constructed twoPalaces thereon, one for family members 
and another for family guests. The architectural design chosen 
was that of hill cottages but to much large scale than normal .
The family palace collapsed during the 1934 earthquake. 
Subsequently, on the same site a new one was constructed
in an art-Deco style by Maharaja Uday Chand the great 
grandson of the original founder. The second palaces for the 
family guest survived the earthquake. The Bardawan family 
resides in the two palaces till today.

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