DAY One…  Driving from Thimpu to Paru, 2700mi 25km takes one hour drive. And from Paru to Sana 2800mi, 14km, takes another one hour drive. Because of ruff rode. At Sana we have to show our trekking permit to Bhutanese army check post. After lunch begin trek to Thongbu Sam camp. 3345 mile. 08km 4/5hour. Very gentle walking along the Pachu River. Through the big rain forest. It can be very muddy some time when there is rain. Otherwise the trail is dry. It’s mostly the cypress / pine tree/ and other rhododendron forest which looks very color full in hole valley, O/N.. Camp at Thongbu Sam.
Day two..  Trek to Thangthangka 12km 5/6hour. 3700mi. another gentle walking day with few climbing. Along the Pachu river. As we walk further up towards the Jhomolari base camp the view of the valley changes with the different colors of the trees. And soon we came out at open valley, which is a define valley between SOE YAKSA TREK and JANGUTHANG or JHOMOLAHRI BASE CAMP trek. And from here our camp is about 35min. walk and from here one of the first view of Jhomolhari will be visible.   O/N..Camp at Thangthangka.  
Day three.  Trek to janguthang (Jhomolari base camp.) 4200mi. 19km  8/9hour. one of the easy walking day but long. With beautiful view around. Very gentle walking. Along the Pachu river and through the beautiful pine tree forest. After an hour walking as soon as we get on elevation of 3900mi then the all the tree line will be bellow as, and  all snow mountain becomes visible with panoramic view it is long walking day but without getting tired, couple of small village on the way, with the many yaks and horses around. One of the best villages is Janguthang where they have a small primary school with about 25 students, tourist can help them some fund or copy or pen to keep their education. O/N.Camp at Janguthang.
Day four. Trek to twin lake view point.4500mi. 5km, 300mi climbing from the base camp. Beautiful view of jhomolhari mountain range from the view point and to visit Twin Lake which takes all your sweat away with their wind. Blusheep/rabbit and few other animals can be spotted in this aria. It is about 5/6 hour walk for both site, and tourist can take pack lunch or came back to janguthang for lunch. O/N. Camp at janguthang.
Day five. Trek to Thangthangka 19km 7/8hour. O/N. camp.
Day six.  Trek to Sana 20km7/8hour. O/N camp at Sana, or drive to Paru for hotel


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