One of the famous place of India ,and one of the smallest district of west Bengal . It lies at the northeast of India .It is hilly region surrounded by huge tea garden, timber and very famous for tourist area .It is packed with the growing population nearly 10 lakhs people lived in Darjeeling.
Tiger Hill
Tiger Hill is located in Darjeeling, in the Indian State of West Bengal, and is the summit of Ghoom, the highest railway station in the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is famous for its panoramic view of Mount Everest and Mt. Kangchenjunga together.

A land where heaven touches the earths , the ambience creates mystery landscape dominated by elements , silence can be heard, vision tends to travel beyond the horizon soul starts meditation unknowingly mind gets rejuvenated and a land that makes you bow.
It is 11 km from the town of Darjeeling and can be reached either by jeep or by foot through Chowrasta, Alubari (incidentally the oldest tea plantation in Darjeeling) or Jorebangla and then climbing up the incline to the summit, which takes about 2 hours at an easy pace and then bathing it in a beautiful orange colour. From Tiger Hill, Mount Everest (8848m) is just visible, peeping out through two other peaks standing by its side. Makalu (8481m) looks higher than Mt. Everest, owing to the curve in the horizon, as it is several miles closer than Everest. The distance in straight line from Tiger Hill to Everest is 107 miles.
On a clear day, Kurseong is visible to the south and in the distance, along with Teesta River, Mahanada River, Balason River and Mechi River meandering down to the south.[5] Chumal Rhi mountain of Tibet, 84 miles away as the crow flies, looks like a great rounded mass over the snowy Chola Range. One comes face to face with this peak of superb beauty from Phari Jong which is 129 miles away from Darjeeling.

While at Tiger Hill, you can also visit Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary, which offers great picnic spots, birding and its two artificial lakes serve as a reservoir for supply of water to Darjeeling town.


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